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March 15, 2010 @ 09:08 PM

How many 'itis's need to be in our healthcare vocabulary to realize that chronic inflammation is a key, core problem to chronic illness.  Or is it obvious in all of the 'anti-inflammatories' used today??

From Alzheimer's and inflammation in the brain, to Arthritis and inflamed joints, to Heart Disease and arterial inflammation, it is one of the most important biochemical imbalances to be corrected.

While being multifactorial in origin, it is not the same in everyone........but it can be simplified as follows:

1.     Toxic exposures cause inflammatory reactions.  Some of these, such as medicinal and agricultural uses of synthetic estrogens,  directly cause inflammation.  Some cause indirect or 'allergic' reactions of our body to synthetic and unnatural chemicals.

2.     Hormonal imbalances cause and add to our bodies chronically inflamed state.  Some are direct, as estrogen is explained in #1, and also from excesses in Leptin from obesity and Insulin from excessive intake of sugar and starches.  These are all INFLAMMATORY and EXCITATORY hormones.

         Other imbalances are hormonal DEFICIENCIES that can add to inflammation.  Thyroid deficiency can lead to increased HOMOCYSTEINE levels, a biochemcial marker signifying inflammation in our arteries (to which ANY level of cholesterol will then stick), and ADRENAL deficiency can cause CORTISOL DEFICIENCIES, and cortisol is our natural anti-inflammatory.

3.      NURTITIONAL DEFICIENCES can cause inflammation as well.  Vitamin D3 is the most important widespread deficiency that helps regulate our immune system and balance our natural inflammatory responses, and B vitamin deficiencies can also add to the increased Homocysteine levels.  Omega 3 deficiencies also add to inflammatory levels.

The good news?

In a nutshell..........REMOVE AND REPLACE!!

REMOVE the excess toxins and chemicals, REPLACE the lacking hormones and nutrients.  

Though the problems are ubiquitous and complex, the solutions are simple and organic.  And the results are effective and effecient.

That is New Medicine treatment.  And we see inflammation and ALL associated illnesses resolve within days to weeks.  'Diseases' reverse, aches and pains go away!

This is the New Medicine and, though steeped in science, it's as simple as Nature, and restoring organic balance to the body.  

Best in health,

Dr Edward


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