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March 08, 2010 @ 05:48 PM

Diabetes and obesity, collectively referred to herein as 'Diabesity' due to their close correlation, are the most easily REVERSED poor health conditions today.  

Simply put, we have eaten too much sugary foods for decades, and the fault is not all ours.

The old FDA food pyramid is partly to blame with 'Starches and Grains' making up the base of the pyramid. While organic and 'whole' grains can be healthy foods, when added to the excesses of sugars in most processed foods today, and the extremely unhealthy High Fructose Corn Syrup (HCFS) which has all of the glycemic index and insulin raising potential of table sugar or white bread with none of the health / food aspects, we are all basically 'overstarched'.

While a lean and metabolically / hormonally / nutritionally balanced person would benefit from the nutrients in starches, grains, and even a moderate amount of organic sugars....after several decades of following the 8-12 serving advice of the old pyramid of these high glycemic index and sugary processed foods and additives, it's not a question of whether most of us will become obese and / or diabetic but when.

NMF research shows that fully 1/3 of people in America (and developed countries) ARE already obese and diabetic, and a second 1/3 are 'overweight' and / or Pre-Diabetic.  While this 'diabesity' alone MAY not be the direct cause of death, the high insulin, leptin, estrogen, and inflammation associated with it contributes greatly to all other caused Mortality and Morbidity.

Our organic bodies were not designed to consume such sugary, glycemic, and insulin promoting foods.  And how far along the path to obesity (BMI) and diabetes (fasting insulin and average Hemoglobin A1C sugar levels) some one is, it is easy to test for and reverse poor results, & healthier eating habits are easy to learn.


Our traditional Western 'SickCare' system of insurance codes, diagnosis, and drugs would love for us to keep consuming these high profit foods thus requiring us to seek out and use high cost medications, healthcare, and surgeries (gastric bypass anyone?).

But the answer is simply in relearning what real food is and using New Medicine treatment systems that allow the body to get quickly back on track while feeling better and better as the lifestyle transition is accomplished.

When treated correctly, insulin resistance (the true cause of Type II Diabetes) improves drastically and quickly, often by 2/3 or more in a 6 week time span.

Weight loss as the body is rebalanced is typically 20 lbs every 3 weeks of active treatment.  Hunger decreases, energy improves, and the enjoyment and function-ability of life is restored.

It's not rocket science, thought the traditional establishment would like us to think it is.  

It's not fun to be obese or to have diabetes and their many complications.

Best in health,

Dr. Edward


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