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March 01, 2010 @ 03:51 PM

With the obvious failure of our worsening 'SickCare' system and downward spiraling health, more people are now turning to 'alternative' or 'non-traditional' care methods than seek out traditional Western Medicine.

And while this is absolutely necessary...many people over-correct from the overmedicated and operated Western care to completely untested and unscientific alternative and Eastern methods alone.

As with all things in life and nature, it is all about balance.

New Medicine returns true healthcare to the more natural needs the majority now know is needed.  But NM balances the treatment and healthcare goals with the lastest in advanced and thus 'documentable' or 'evidence-based' scientific studies.  

We know chiropractic and acupuncture work but can't 'prove it' with the widely accepted scientific methods.  This fact is unique to many alternative treatment paradigms.

In New Medicine we have the benefit of Science AND Nature.  We combine the latest in accurate biochemical and diagnostic testing with the ability to restore natural health to the body with organic means quickly and efficiently.

It is truly the best of both worlds, and the results prove it.  For example, whereas Eastern remedies may have a long term chance at restoring some portion of function to a typical biochemically imbalanced Westerner, with NMF science and treatment we can restore typically at a MINIMUM 75% and most commonly 90% or more of function to the body within weeks to months. This is enabled by blending the evidence of proper biochemical scientific testing with the power of nature and prescription level bioidentical compounds, in the right way and balance.

Physical and mental 'diseases' and improper function simply resolve.....quickly.  Obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, anxiety, inflammatory and immune system dysfunction, energy, outlook, and the ability to handle stress and enjoy life are reversed and restored.

NMF truly fills the gaping hole between the failure and overuse of Western medicine and the lack of power and evidence of Eastern remedies to deal with todays severe imbalances and truly restores health and prevent further degeneration.

While there is a time, place, and purpose to nearly all healing techniques in existence, the time for NEW MEDICINE is now.

Best in health,

Dr Edward


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