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February 22, 2010 @ 06:13 PM

To borrow the term from noted blogger Charles Hugh Smith, there is no better way to describe what is happening in all facets of modern day society than a sickening and worsening 'spiritual rot'.

How else do we describe a world in which profit, secrecy, corruption, and deceipt are accepted at the expense of health, life, honesty, trust, transparency, and common good for our fellow man / woman.

Today's news is just now a seemingly standard story of a large pharmaceutical companies prior knowledge of the dangers of a blockbuster medication, covered up and twisted in the name of the corporate dollar, now exposed, and turned a blind eye to.

How else can this be considered humane, acceptable, standard in the industry, and anything of purity than to say that our civilization is suffering from a 'spiritual rot' at its core that, due to apparent evolution of free markets and true capitalism into 'crony capitalism', is currently not at risk of true accountability and correction.

As a physician, the overuse of synthetic means to artificially fudge biochemical numbers in the name of profit is embarassing.  As a human being, the acceptance of this 'spiritual rot' trading greed for human health and lives is downright disgusting and inhumane.

In the economic world, bankruptcy or insolvency is an acceptable alternative to unnecesary risk and malinvestment.  In the political world, impeachment or loss of election and political power is the cure.  But in healthcare, the loss of human health and human life that results from these behaviors is unacceptable and even more unsustainable.

As many suggest, the most likely outcome is that this illness in our society will have to run its course.......the powers / money that be will never step down willingly.  Power corrupts, and unlimited power corrupts completely.  The believers and truth seekers simply do not have the ecopolitical power to change the system.  Votes, regulation, industry standards and research can always be bought.  I suppose everyone has a price.

Luckily, the good news, if there can be any in the face of flagrant disregard to human life, nature, and morals, is that these systems truly are unsustainable, and the end is most likely near.  We are experiencing the death throws of the systems at the moment, with wildly swinging economic markets, geopolitical tension, and epidemically worsening chronic health problems sustained with ever increasing amounts of dangerous medications and thus profits.  As the systems implode and more people simply walk away from the obvious misrepresentations and dangers of supporting the system with their hard work, sweat, taxes, and trust, they will be replaced by an evolution of a newfound return to the core values of humanity:  life, nature, trust, honesty, accountability, and true transparency.

Be alert and cautious of ALL of the medications being prescribed.  The true causes of our health problems are being hidden / neglected.  The true risks and worsening of our health in the 'greatest sickcare system in the world' is a charade of greed, profit, corruption, secrecy, biased research, cover ups, and complete disregard for life and humanity.

New Medicine Foundation's mission is to help set the new scientific and natural standard for health to be followed after the coming 'global transformation'.

Truly natural health and balance will be the best commodity / wealth and enable us to move forward productively and handle the coming difficult changes.

Best in health,

Dr Edward 

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