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February 15, 2010 @ 02:05 PM

A growing topic in society is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and increasing difficulties with pregnancies.   This is easily explained.

As our society becomes increasingly toxic, the same biochemcial imbalances that are causing worsening health problems are disabling our natural ability to create life.  This may actually be nature's way of telling us our current path is not sustainable.

The most common imbalance is excess  Estrogen and deficient Progesterone.  The increasing additives in our foods, medicinals, and environment are the direct causes of this imbalance.  Estrogens are added to our livestock to increase their growth rates, size, and profitability.  Many synthetic chemicals, such as petro-fertilizers and genetically modified soy, act like estrogens in the body (XenoEstrogens).  And the excessive use of synthetic estrogens in medications from birth control pills to menopausal hormone treatment only makes the imbalances worse.  These toxins are now ubiquitous.

As Progesterone is the key hormone of sustaining a pregnancy, its deficiency is problematic for fertility.  Excessive estrogens cause overgrowth of the endometrial lining (the womb) while the body is unable to maintain its health prior to or even after conception.  Thus many 'heavy' periods are actually unknown miscarriages.

If a woman's body is truly not ovulating and the ovaries have 'shut down', getting healthy is still the first priority, but IVF may appropriately be an option.

However IVF, as all other synthetic treatments and surgeries, is being highly overused these days.  The automatic desire to artificially (and very profitably) control the reproductive mechanism in a woman who is still normally ovulating and simply may have had difficutly with pregnancy due to the above hormone imbalances will most often do more harm than good.

IVF uses very high, synthetic, and toxic amounts of hormones to drive the woman's reproductive capacity.  The side effects are numerous and can be life threatening.  Ovarian hyperstimulation, increasing estrogen toxicity, worsening progesterone deficiency, and increasing overall toxicity to name a few will leave the woman's body in much worse shape than before the treatments began.

Of course, there is a time and a place for IVF, and there is no contradicting the wonder of being able to conceive a child when all else fails.

But due to the intensity of its side effects, it should not be the first line treatment for conception and its risks should be thoroughly explained.  Restoration of optimal health and appropriate hormone balance should be first ensured before undergoing this risky protocol.

Its overuse will only add to our overall increasing health problems.  And its cost is certainly unsustainable.

New Medicine restores health naturally and lets nature do the rest.  Most commonly this is all that is necessary.

Best in health,

Dr. Edward 

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