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February 01, 2010 @ 04:10 PM

One of the most obvious signs of our worsening healthcare system is seen in the poor state of health of most practitioners in America.

Not to mention the low life expectancy of the average traditional care doctor, even when figuring in the stress of the career, wouldn't one expect to receive treatment and healthcare advice from someone healthier than themselves?  Would any of us ask, much less pay, a financially unsound person for financial advice?

The fact that doctors themselves are unable to maintain a high level of health is one of the foundational anomalies with traditional care......and the most obvious that our traditional care system does not work for primary health prevention or healing.

NMF's vision is to align forces of all healthcare providers and first, to teach them how to heal themselves and thus enable them to be more efficient and powerful healers for the growing numbers experiencing chronic disease.

NMF was born out of non-traditional healers' desire to find the truths to their own health and quickly grew into their understanding of the science behind it and the ability to share most of the natural biochemical balancing treatment systems with others.

A prerequisite to truly understanding New Medicine is displaying a level of health personally, followed by an understanding of the science behind true natural health.  There is a growing concern in this country that even the healers themselves are unable to maintain a high level of health.  In their defense, the truth behind true health is not widely known, nor the path to regain it.  Denial of the growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease is not acceptable, especially by someone delivering health.  Though able, a healers powers will be exponentially heightened when achieving true health and balance.

There is exciting change in the ability to deliver true health and healing to those who need it, and the technology to do it virtually and efficiently.  

Only through our camaraderie and scientific education of what is at the source of our illness will true 'healthcare' reform be attained and delivered to our fellow mankind.

We thank those who have already committed to the path.

Best in health,

Dr Edward

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