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January 25, 2010 @ 04:32 PM

 As we all watch with worry the state of the world and potential for a coming 'crisis' of sorts, or at least a significant adjustment to things, I feel we will see similar downturns in health artificially propped up with an increasing amount of pharmaceutical and political propaganda.  We must stay the course in pursuing more natural healthcare solutions and not be swayed by increasing pressure to put our lives in the hands of increasing medications or, even worse, the coming threat of genetic therapies.


With epidemically increasing numbers of people ill with chronic illness and suboptimal physical and mental health it is fairly obvious to those concerned that throwing ever more profitable and unique medications and interventions at our poor bodies is not the solution to our healthcare problems, but most likely a large part of the cause.  But similarly to the geopolitical and economic imbalances we are witnessing, the greed and corruption behind the healthcare problems and ever increasing propaganda to keep the masses blindly following the overmedicating of the symptoms while ignoring our obvious worsening health will continue to be the mass medias explanation for our healthcare problems for at least a few more years.


Unfortunately until a true healthcare crisis occurs the powers that be may continue to disallow the truth behind our imbalanced biochemistry to surface.  Given the level of resistance and pressure applied, truly natural healthcare may nearly become an underground market of 'cures', the very word that is disallowed and practically 'owned' by the pharmaceutical / FDA / AMA conglomerate. 


In truth, there are more people now searching for this 'underground' natural healthcare than those blindly following the traditional drug and surgery symptom control based system. Similarly, more and more are becoming increasingly suspicious of our governments economic and political policies that have created all of the problems they claim to need increasing expansion and regulation to curtail.


The natural cures and answers to our health problems are here, now.  The science is undeniable, the results nothing short of a tribute to the lifeforce of a human body that is restored to balance and health.  The human body was not designed to degenerate into decades of chronic illness, and to be increasingly medicated in an attempt to maintain physical and mental functions.  Whether we were created by a divine being or are products of millions of years of evolution the body, when given the proper ingredients already on this earth for life, will thrive and restore a natural healthy balance very quickly.  


But as long as those in control force feed us every increasing medications, toxic foods, and 'free' entitlements to discourage us from finding the natural truth through the free market, our healthcare problems will deteriorate.  Indeed, given the potential for genetic therapies and destroying the balance of our genetic code, our life instructions, may bring the true crisis that may be much more undoable than the current problems of toxicity and biochemical imbalance.


Lets hope we don't go down that road and more of us demand the truth in the near future.


Best in health,


Dr Edward



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