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January 18, 2010 @ 06:02 PM

I'd like to borrow from highly regarded and intellectual blogger Charles Hugh Smith at of his analysis regarding our nations quickly worsening healthcare system and over medicating of the populace, and how greatly it is intertwined in the current and worsening economic crisis.  

In his book 'Survival+' he states:

'Rather than being the happiest people on the planet, Americans are visibly unhappy, anxious, angry, depressed, distracted and all too often heavily sedated with powerful psychotropic medications.

This is not to question the positive contributions made by psychiatric medications to those suffering from psychiatric disorders; but we should question the idea that tens of millions of our citizenry (including children) are suffering from serious psychiatric disorders. We should wonder if the overzealous dispensation of such drugs masks cultural rather than psychiatric disorders, and an unspoken desire to "treat" these cultural disorders in a relatively low-cost fashion by numbing the patients' awareness of their own alienation, anxiety and unhappiness.

Rather than having the finest healthcare system in the world, we have the most perniciously incentivized system in the industrialized world, a system which consumes a staggering 16% of the nation's entire output but which provides little to no healthcare for tens of millions of citizens and which supplies incredibly costly but largely ineffective care to the elderly covered by an increasingly unaffordable Medicare.

Up to 40% of the entire sum spent on healthcare is paper shuffling, fraud and useless/harmful "care." Despite this vast outpouring of the nation's wealth, the health of its citizenry continues to decline in measurable ways; this vast expenditure has done nothing to stop the astonishing rise in obesity and related chronic diseases, arguably the most pressing public health issue facing the nation.

In effect, the U.S. healthcare system is bankrupting the nation even as it fails to improve the health of the citizenry at large. It is thus a stupendous failure, creating ever-smaller marginal gains with ever-greater expenditures for costly tests, drugs and treatments.

Rather than look to an increasingly unhealthy diet and lifestyle, the nation's "sick-care" system seeks ever more costly "treatments" and pharmaceutical "fixes" for complex chronic diseases which are simply not curable by "magic bullet" drugs.'


Mr. Smith is an excellent writer and observer of the state of things, and both his book and his daily blogs, and donating to his cause, are highly recommended to prepare for what many agree is going to be a coming time of change and transformation.  Parts of his book are available free reading on his site:


Is it not obvious how quickly our health is deteriorating now in this country?  Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and all other chronic diseases are the next great epidemic.  How many people are told by their physicians that all they need are a few more pills and everything will be alright?  Yet noone dies of good 'old age' anymore......and its only a matter of time before one wakes up in a hospital, if we are fortunate enough to wake up at all.


The threat of government involvement will make all of this worse.  Higher costs,mandated insurance, testing, and medicating are on the horizon. It is time to wake up from our medication, sugar, nicotine, and alcohol induced daze and turn off our tv's and computers long enough to look in the mirror and see what has happened to us.  It is time to get healthy, and for our nation to get healthy both inside (washington) and out (food industry).


We were not designed to be overweight, unhappy, stressed, and sick.  Whether nature or God created us we have been given one body, one chance at life, and we have been led astray over this last century by the leaders in this country and healthcare.


NMF was founded to help people realize this and give them fast and efficient solutions to reclaim there health.  And in doing so, enable as many as possible to wake up and right the ship before it is too late.


Be health in 2010.


Dr Edward



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