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January 11, 2010 @ 03:31 PM

 As we sit poised on the passage of one of the most life-changing bills of our countries history we should take a look at a few key points as to what is truly happening and going to happen:

1.      The consensus of the general population is that we do NOT want the government in control of our healthcare.

2.      When the government does take control of private sector business the quality decreases and cost increases.  We simply need to look to our educational, agricultural, and transportation system for the proof in that.  Educational costs continue to increase as high school graduation rates and unemployment of highly qualified applicants decrease.  Our national infrastructure is deteriorating, and food costs are soaring while food related illness increases and food quality decreases.

3.      The decision making process of what is truly in this bill is now happening behind closed doors.  They are looking for ultimate control.  Never before have citizens been mandated to buy something in this country.  

4.      The previous government programs which were also the largest entitlement programs at the time, Medicare and then Medicaid, are now running in the red and unfunded looking to the future.  The money paid into these programs is immediately spent in return for an 'IOU' from the government, which is itself broke.  This plan calls for an expansion of Medicare.

5.      Our traditional emergency and acute care primarily pharmaceutical and surgical system will be the one used in 'providing healthcare for $30 Million uninsured people'.  As chronic illness, obesity, and childhood disorders get worse we should be asking if this is the best primary care and prevention system to be following.

6.      Unlike the heavily UNregulated fields of consumer electronics and elective plastic and visual corrective surgeries which have seen tremendous increases in technology and prosperity with decreasing prices, the heavy government regulation involved in the HCR bill will undoubtedly cause the reverse as it has in other countries who follow a socialized form of healthcare..........multiple month long waits for care, poor treatment, and increasing government cost and taxation.

Healthcare is a service, not a right.  Human nature always prevails in times when charity is needed and fellow humans always provide help and care when someone is in dire need.  But when healthcare is provided as a government regulated 'entitlement' that people learn to expect it only results in a lowering of appreciation for that service and the future inability to care for oneself and maintain ones health.

This bill may pass, and may be one of the final points of no return in our country's demise.  We have a new election cycle in 2010 and Americans need to realize that those in power, increasing government spending and debt, and increasing amounts of entitlement and handout programs such as this Health Care Reform bill are simply further ways in which our freedom is being taken from us and we are being weakened as a republic.  We must truly understand the issues at hand and stand up and fight for our rights before it is too late.

New Medicine provides the framework for the creation of a natural and science based preventive healthcare primary care system.  For less than the cost of a few months of family healthcare insurance premiums New Medicine biochemical balance restorative health treatments, education, and guidance can restore and maintain health in upwards of 90% of those who receive treatment.  It also prevents and reverses developing illness in those who might never have known they were developing chronic biochemical imbalance and future disease.

Of course whether or not this health improving and cost saving system would be embraced by a government and healthcare system 'too big to fail' is unknown.  But the truths are here and anyone can experience natural health with the science to prove it.

Best in health in 2010.

Dr Edward




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