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April 25, 2014 @ 06:51 PM
Q. Dear Doc, I am cold a lot and believe that I have low output from my thyrold. I had an ND from a Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila WA run some tests and he ended up prescribing L-Tyrosine and also added Selenium to my regular supplement list. It does not appear to be working, particularly in the winter time. The weather here in Western WA is not as cold as some areas of the country but it does freeze here and that is when it is the most miserable. Exercise does help relieve the cold feeling for awhile but I do feel cold in the house when the temp is set to 68 degrees. Caroline Sutherland suggested a product, Thytrophin PMG from Standard Processing, but it does not appear to help either. Suggestions? Thanks, Dave, Washington

A. Dear Dave, Yes your symptoms sound highly suspicious for low thyroid function, a common problem in over half of people today and highly undiagnosed. Unfortunately sometimes, supplementation only is not effective enough in trying to restore strength and output to a sluggish and tiring gland. Restoration is simple and effective when done conservatively but optimally, and with the best and most natural compounds. If interested, repairing thyroid issues is one of our specialties at the New Medicine Foundation. Let us know if you are interested in hearing more. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you.

Hope this information is useful. In good health, Dr. Edward W. Pearson


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