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April 21, 2014 @ 06:02 PM
Q. Hello Doc, I am supposed to begin taking hormones as a result of a recent visit to my doctor. I'm having second thoughts on using a synthetic hormone. Can you shed some more insight about taking hormone replacements that might ease my fears? There is so much conflicting information out there that I just don't know what to think. Thank you. Vicky, Florida

A. Dear Vicky, Thank you for asking. No one should go into any program unless they are educated and know exactly what they are taking and why. Let me start out by saying that I would never advise anyone to take a "synthetic" hormone. At the New Medicine Foundation, I only prescribe, organic, plant based hormones and that is only done after adequate saliva based testing has been completed along with a complete evaluation of a patient's needs. All of our hormones come from a compounding pharmacy and are made to order. They are not mass produced. It is also important to note that much of the conflicting information coming out of the media is based on synthetic hormone replacement therapy testing. Often times, testing is skewed because it is a reflection of synthetic hormone replacement and not bio-identical, plant-based, organic hormone replacement therapy.

Hope this helps. Eat well :) Dr. Pearson


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