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February 28, 2014 @ 09:40 AM
Q.     Dear Doc, I had a gastric bypass operation in 1999 and my gallbladder was removed. I am now taking "cholacol" bile salts as recommended by my nutritionist. They do help. I am eating a "healthy lifestyle for detoxification diet" similar to hCG. How often should I take them? I feel they help with the frequent occasional burping I experience even if I have not eaten a thing. I'm a 56 year old female, 5'9", 158 # with a BMI of 24. With thanks, KD, California

A.     Dear KD, It really depends on your tolerance of foods, especially fatty foods. It could be necessary and helpful to use them as much as at every meal…. or you may tolerate more normal, less fatty meals and only need it for meals that don’t digest well and or are higher in fat content.

Similar to how we recommend taking our PureZyme plant based digestive enzymes…. most people learn to keep enzymes handy and take them as needed during or after meals that simply ‘don’t sit well’. This is especially noticed when a meal is eaten away from home, as no matter how hard we try to eat healthy food, when eating out it is impossible to know everything that is used in the meal preparation. This is obvious very soon after eating if it is not being digested well. A heavy stomach, gassy, bloated feeling is an immediate indication that more help is needed to digest the food, and should be similar with your need for Cholacol.

Hope this helps, eat well :) Dr. Pearson


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