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January 17, 2014 @ 03:53 PM
Q.     Dear Doc, Can you please advise me on the difference between taking oral BHRT vs using creams. I've even heard you can inject hormones. What is the difference and what is best? I'm really confused. Thank you VF, Florida

A.     Dear VF, We came upon the ability to deliver hormones orally many years ago. We believe the technique has been available for over a decade. Both the scientific theory, intuitive ease of delivery (for the masses who need them), cost effectiveness, and most importantly the RESULTS have been undeniable.

There is a point as compounds travel further through the GI tract, that more absorption bypasses the first pass, thus rectally delivered suppositories etc. While we agree that there is not enough research to yet demonstrate exactly where and how this absorption change occurs, it is most likely very different in different people.

It is important to note that our capsules are compunded with organic binders to delay absorption until well past the liver. A small amount will still make it to the portal system but the majority is absorbed past the "first pass". What has been without a doubt a success for NMF, is that time and time again, in over a thousand patients, not only do our orally delivered compounds have really 'perfect' physiologic symptomatic responses (though again these can differ and we adjust the compounds accordingly in different biochemical processors), the retesting confirms an excellent biochemical response, from both optimal hormone levels on retest. We also see improvements in every other common biochemical imbalance such as cholesterol levels, reduced inflammatory markers, etc.

Nearly all 'hormone' doctors are still using creams and injectables and having problems getting their patients balanced. Injectables are typically not bio-identical nor blended, create wide swings in daily levels, and nearly always cause MORE biochemical issues i.e. increased LDL, decreased HDL, conversion to unwanted and already excessive estrogen and DHT levels, etc. Creams are well known to be messy, cumbersome, easily transferred to others and very difficult to dose accurately.

In fact, in nearly EVERY patient that finds NMF after trying other hormone balancing techniques, they typically test very imbalanced in their levels and most often extremely excessive. We have simply tested and trialed our oral compounds for many years on many patients and seen incredible results.

Now aside from all of that, Estrogen is the one hormone that we are happy to deliver in a cream formula, as local application can be very beneficial for the tissues that benefit most from it, and system excesses are what we are trying to avoid. Oral does, however, work well for many. Its probably around 50/50 oral vs cream delivery as far as what women want.

More research, and possibly designated clinical studies, need to be done and are on the 'to do' list of NMF.

Appropriately tested, prepared, and delivered oral BHRT is a key part to restoring health and preventing chronic illness, both mental and physical. NMF has perfected this in a way that is easy, effective, and affordable.

Hope this helps. Wishing you good health and a great day, Dr. Pearson


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