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January 04, 2010 @ 05:21 PM

Happy 2010 to all of our friends and colleagues in natural healthcare.

The beginning of a new decade is always an exciting.  We find ourselves in quite a controversial time especially now after the so called 'Naughty Aughties', a decade full of technological advancement, but increasing debt and global crisis in the world economy,  epidemic healthcare dillemas, and continuing global conflict.

Healthcare especially seems to be quietly worsening with rampant diabetes, obesity, cancer, immune illness, and significant childhood illnesses as well. We believe healthcare to be at the heart of all of these important parts of our society as:

1.    Worsening health and finances associated with it are the #1 cause for personal (and national) debt and bankruptcy.

2.    Healthcare costs will only get more expensive and the care delivered worse as our government takes over with healthcare reform. 

3.    Without good mental health..... peace and prosperity among nations is increasingly difficult as increased anxiety, fatigue, and anger worsen foreign relations and conflict.

Natural and scientific solutions to health are here now.  With so many increasingly turning to 'alternative' solutions the NMF is here to deliver the new scientific standard of much more natural and prevention oriented healthcare system.  We must use science to prove that providing natural balance works.  And it isn't enough to simply ' eat better and exercise more ' we are simply too far gone for that to work.  At the heart of it all, worsening toxicity, hormonal deficiency and imbalance and an overwhelming lack of nutrition is directly causing our epidemics of unnatural disease.  New Medicine works quickly and effectively, restoring biochemical, hormonal, and nutritional balance within weeks.  And though natural many of the treatments used in NMF are prescription strength.

This is how people feel better, lose weight, and are able to remove medications quickly.  Mood, energy, health, outlook all improve.  Healthcare costs decrease, and relationships become much more prosperous.

NMF's goal for this next decade is to return as many as possible to a state of health, peace, and prosperity.  We see it happen every day and are calling on all doctors, health practitioners, and all those interested in a more natural state of life, health, and wellbeing to come along to begin again in 2010.

Be health,

Dr Edward


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