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December 13, 2013 @ 01:58 PM
Q. Dear Dr. Pearson, I was recently told by a friend that I should be taking a good B Complex supplement. They said it has something to do with heart function but couldn't elaborate beyond that. They also didn't know a good brand to recommend. Could you please let me know the importance of B vitamins and maybe suggest a brand that is of good quality? Thank you, D.S., Phoenix, AZ

A. Do you know what you're Homocysteine level is? If you don't, you should. This silent heart (cardiovascular system) inflammatory marker can be a sign of a future heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. When you hear of people dropping dead of a heart attack with no other risk factors, normal cholesterol, normal blood pressure, and they are physically fit, often times it's due to this common inflammatory condition that is very specific to the arteries throughout the body. Without adequate broad spectrum B vitamins the arteries become inflamed and 'sticky', which begins the process of plaque formation as the body tries to heal the wound. By simply replacing the B vitamins adequately, and sometimes correcting thyroid dysfunction as well, the body is able to heal the artery and prevent future plaques.

Of course, Big Pharma won't support homocysteine claims as they have no drug to sell, but this is a widely known and very important marker to be checked when you get your next blood test done.

PureCell B Complex is a brand that I would recommend. Not all B supplements are the same. Many are made with inferior or even synthetic ingredients. I recommend and sell PureCell supplements because you can't beat the strength and purity of this brand.

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