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October 28, 2013 @ 11:48 AM
Even without the debacle that has become the new Affordable Health Care Act roll out, the finances behind this supposed solution to our embarrassing sick-care system will never work, and are already obvious as people get quotes for new plans.

Nothing is happening as was promised, and not surprisingly we will simply see how government take over of an industry ( ahem....HOUSING / MORTGAGE, POSTAL SERVICES, ETC) will be a complete failure and more importantly a complete waste of resources.  So far patients have been unable to sign up, costs appear to be more most of the time, and people ARE losing their previous coverage and plans.

MOST importantly, this new government controlled healthcare system will continue to provide the SAME acute and emergency care based system to our ever growing numbers of chronically ill citizens. The fact, is nothing will change in our country until we accept a new health and wellness based, preventive, more natural, and educational style of HEALTH care.  

Until that time, this incredibly expensive drug and surgical based system we rely on will continue to bankrupt those relying on it, and the country along with it.  The financial experts such as Warren Buffet and said very clearly that 'The failing healthcare system is the elephant in the room...the most critical aspect of our failing economy'.  As expenses simply continue to rise exponentially, even as our real health worsens ( as poor as 48thin the world on some lists ), our health, productivity, and overall economic well being and strength as a nation will continue to falter.

With initial plan costs being relayed no lower than nearly $200 per month for a relatively healthy person, to as much as 400, 600, 800 or more per month for families and higher level / lower deductible plans, the fees of the new plan continue to be just as outrageous as what people have been paying for years, to the greedy delight of the insurance and big pharma stockholders.

Why anyone would spend that amount of money for a service that simply ensures that its clients will remain sick with chronic maintenance of illness that our current population of doctors has zero education on how to correct ( they are just as ill or worse than their patients ) boggles our minds. More and more HealthCare interested patients and practitioners are enjoying the freedom and low cost living of true wellbeing, having used modern science and testing to look inside for signs of future illness, and learn how to easily and naturally reverse these processes and live a very organic and drug  / surgery free, low cost lifestyle.  Acute and emergency care is great, but expensive, when needed.  The key is making sure all people need it MUCH LESS, with the return of true HEALTH!

When people are ready to 'choose the other path' and reclaim their health, and free themselves from chronic illness, acute care medicine, excessive medications, and the fear of inevitable disease, it costs less than one year's worth of any of these 'Affordable Care Act' premiums to ACHIEVE true health and the education and tools to maintain it.

For example....Health Assurance plans to maintain health and a watchful eye on internal disease processes costs only $99 per month on a long term health maintenance plan.  

A very obese / diabetic / chronically ill person may require a full year of healing care, but even this would cost less than their typical 'affordable' sick care premium and / or any ONE of their frequent ER visits for acute illness, or their monthly outlay for medication COPAYS alone.  And, during this year they would not only achieve health but more importantly the empowering EDUCATION to maintain the health that has been restored!

How much would we save as a nation for each obese / diabetic / heart disease / alzheimers patient etc that no longer has that disease to be managed, or never develops it to begin with!?  

The answer is that if we all turned to follow this more sustainable, natural, an very scientifically strong and sound HEALTHCARE method, we could easily save $1TRILLION DOLLARS a year as a nation, and possible even twice that amount.


Unfortunately we know from history that corrupt and broken systems are not fixable from within, and only that they will fail catastrophically as new and better systems are created in their path of destruction.

Right now our US HealthCare system excels only at spending money, keeping people ill, over-medicating and over-operating, and embarrassing our nation as it attempts to magically SOLVE the problems with one disastrous ACA project that has been a failure from day 1.

The new way of health and healing already exists.  It would be all too easy to simply start healing people and saving the excessive wasteful those in the know will continue to heal and live healthy and illness free lives, and sadly watch the broken system continue to destroy the US economically, and the health of those doctors and patients within it along with it.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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