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December 18, 2009 @ 03:54 PM

Leptin is a hunger regulating hormone produced in the fat cells and responded to in the hypothalamus which then regulates hunger feedback response.  This is an extremely powerful hormone and simply put the fatter we get the more we eat as we become more resistant to the higher and higher circulating levels.  Cell receptors down regulate when presented with chronic and high levels of leptin, causing the hunger feedback mechanism to lose power and people to basically always be hungry, and with a hunger that they are unable to control. 

The higher the leptin levels the hungrier patients are and the harder it is to simply change eating habits and lose weight.  Thus the need for the NMF detoxification where natural (not synthetic medicine driven) fat mobilization provides the brain food, and the reason why 'diets' never work.

Optimal levels are less than 10 but as low as undetectable in men, 20 down to 10 is a better range for women who naturally carry more body fat.  Leptin levels should be checked yearly with regular bloodwork.  There is no drug to treat this natural imbalance.

Obesity is an epidemic, but a side effect of the true underlying biochemical imbalances and toxic build up.

Lose the leptin, and the weight, and hunger, goes away for good.

Best in health,

Dr Edward


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