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June 13, 2013 @ 03:36 PM
As we all watch with worry the state of the world and potential for a coming 'crisis' of sorts, or at least a significant adjustment to things, I feel we will see similar downturns in health artificially propped up with an increasing amount of pharmaceutical and political propaganda. We must stay the course in pursuing more natural healthcare solutions and not be swayed by increasing pressure to put our lives in the hands of increasing medications or, even worse, the coming threat of genetic therapies.

With epidemically increasing numbers of people ill with chronic illness and suboptimal physical and mental health, it is fairly obvious to those concerned that throwing ever more profitable and unique medications and interventions at our poor bodies is not the solution to our healthcare problems, but most likely a large part of the cause. But similarly to the geopolitical and economic imbalances we are witnessing, the greed and corruption behind the healthcare problems and ever increasing propaganda to keep the masses blindly following the over-medicating of the symptoms, while ignoring our obvious worsening health, will continue to be the mass medias explanation for our healthcare problems for at least a few more years.

Unfortunately, until a true healthcare crisis occurs, the powers that be may continue to disallow the truth behind our imbalanced biochemistry to surface. Given the level of resistance and pressure applied, truly natural healthcare may nearly become an underground market of 'cures', the very word that is disallowed and practically 'owned' by the pharmaceutical / FDA / AMA conglomerate.

In truth, there are more people now searching for this 'underground' natural healthcare than those blindly following the traditional drug and surgery symptom control based system. Similarly, more and more are becoming increasingly suspicious of our governments economic and political policies that have created all of the problems they claim to need increasing expansion and regulation to curtail. All this as global cries for solutions to our increasing world and body toxicity become louder and louder.

The natural cures and answers to our health problems are here, now. The science is undeniable, the results nothing short of a tribute to the lifeforce of a human body that is restored to balance and health. The human body was not designed to degenerate into decades of chronic illness, and to be increasingly medicated in an attempt to maintain physical and mental functions. Whether we were created by a divine being, or are products of millions of years of evolution the body, when given the proper ingredients already on this earth for life, will thrive and restore a natural healthy balance very quickly.

But as long as those in control force feed us every increasing medications, toxic foods, and 'free' entitlements to discourage us from finding the natural truth through the free market, our healthcare problems will deteriorate. Indeed, given the potential for genetic therapies and destroying the balance of our genetic code, our life instructions, may bring the true crisis that may be much more undoable than the current problems of toxicity and biochemical imbalance.

Lets hope we don't go down that road and more of us demand the truth in the near future.

The following is an excerpt from a passage written regarding healthy living from 1956, and it discusses changes in the food industry that began 30 years earlier. Indeed, the 1920-30 era was actually the beginning of the biochemical revolution and where our 'lifestyle', foods, and healthcare industry took a turn in the wrong direction.

As I often say, while there is complex biochemistry behind what eventually results from the primary problem of increasing toxicity, when broken down in laymen's terms and NMF's efficient treatment protocols, it is not rocket science. And as was obvious to both my grandfather, Dr. Edward Gonczy, a well renowned GP and Flight Surgeon, at about the same time and the writers of this passage below, things were definitely headed in the wrong direction with very little knowledge of the consumer over 50 years ago! And what is also of great interest is that even the processed foods we feed our pets have been tainted as was so sorely noted several years ago when the Chinese added melamine to artificially boost the protein level readings only to have hundreds of thousands of family pets die horrid, painful deaths because of this deadly additive!

More than half a century later, we are literally a species standing at the precipice. Fortunately, more and more are choosing to stop following the herd, turn around, and head towards the choice of a more sustainable life filled with health and vitality and organic living. How many will go over the cliff into the downward spiral of toxicity, excessive medications and surgery is unknown...but we do know that tide is shifting and will soon accelerate. NMF, through DNA and our expanding network of health coaches, practitioners, and physicians, will help propel humanity forward, past this time of great transition and into a more enjoyable and sustainable future for both ourselves and our very planet.

Enjoy the clarity of this passage which was published in 1956. Then, please take the time to read our other articles and watch our videos where we delve much deeper into the 'how we got here' , 'what is happening to us', and 'how do we fix it'. Despite the growing awareness of increasing toxicity in our world and bodies, it continues to increase until we as a society stand together to demand change. We have no greater possession than our health, vitality, and life force of the very planet we call home.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

From The Conference and Symposium on Cancer held in Rome in August, 1956. Quoted from ‘The Encyclopedia for Healthful Living’ by J. I. Rodale and staff, copyright 1960.

“Do you know what you’re eating?

Once upon a time a glass of orange juice was simply juice from an orange; butter was churned milk, nothing more; a piece of meat had nothing in it but the spices youadded in cooking it. If you wanted to take your chances on a piece of chocolate cake, a look at the recipe would tell you the whole story of how much sugar and white flour your body would have to contend with – there would be no unknown ingredient in the flour or the chocolate. Even with ice cream or candy you knew what you were up against, and if you wanted to eat such things… well, the risk was yours. Today, if you want to eat these things the risk is still yours, but with this difference: to understand just what you’re up against, you’d have to be a chemical engineer!

There’s something in everything!

Food additives have become a mighty part of the food industry in the past 30 years. It is almost impossible to purchase a commercially produced food product that has not been treated in some way to give it a characteristic the producer wants it to have,or one he has educated the consumer to want and expect. There are hardeners and softeners, foaming agents and anti-foaming agents, acidifiers and alkalizers, bleaches, coloring agents, thickeners and on and on. These chemicals are dumped into the vat, one on top of the other, to create the perfect product that won’t spoil, harden, change color, stick together nor fall apart. There are often 5, 10, or even more additives in a single food product. This food, in turn, is often combined with several other food products, each equally “enriched” with additives, to make a single dish.

The casual consumer usually has neither the training nor the interest that would prompt him to attempt an interpretation of the numerous ingredients listed on the label of the average food package. He buys a jar of olives and expects olives; he buys a pound of cold cuts and it never occurs to him to ask about the casing in which the meat is wrapped, nor about the stuff that’s used to hold it together or to make it pink. He’s thinking of a sandwich, not a course in chemical preservatives.”

“The fault lies somewhere between the food manufacturers and governmental agencies. The manufacturers are often unscrupulous enough to employ ingredients in the processing, to retard spoilage or improve appearance, which are known to be harmful to the human body, disregarding entirely their obligation to the consumer of their product. The governmental agencies, who’s job it is to protect consumers from harmful goods, are responsible in that considerations of expenditure, personnel, time involved, economic pressure – all these have their effect so that the government permits many dangerous practices to go on, unchecked, because of a policy which considers an ingredient safe so long as it is not positively shown to be the immediate cause of serious illness or death.”
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