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May 29, 2013 @ 05:28 PM

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Whoa Nelly!  Too bad Angeline Jolie chose a risky invasive procedure to possibly decrease her breast cancer risk. Certainly, more women will follow her lead and regret their decisions.  My concern is that she is perceived by women as a spokesperson for the medical and pharmaceutical community whose track record is littered with harmful advice from the blood-letting of the past to more recent research regarding statin drugs, other drugs and procedures.

This news has struck fear in the hearts and minds of women who may now believe they are predisposed genetically to breast cancer, yet some think her decision to go public was courageous.  I do not think Miss Jolie meant harm, nevertheless, going public was irresponsible.

This reminds me of when PSA tests were introduced as a panacea for prostate cancer detection. The test, used as a gold standard for years, has been found to be essentially worthless.  How many men were diagnosed with prostate cancer because of the test result, but in fact, did not have it?  How many prostate biopsies were performed unnecessarily due to results of PSA tests?

The same will likely happen with hasty decisions made due to the presence of the BRCA 1 gene that supposedly predisposes one to cancer.  Having a family history of a particular condition does NOT mean you will die from it. It means you have a chance of developing the disease or condition.  Lifestyle decisions play a much greater role than genetics.  Scientists know exactly what turns genes off and on, yet most will not broach the subject due to politics and money.  It is known that toxins, junk food, drugs, and many unhealthy lifestyle behaviors contribute to increased risk of all cancers.

There are many ways to go about decreasing risks of breast cancer, not least of which are dietary and nutritional compounds that have been shown to positively affect underlying cancer mechanisms regardless of genetic predisposition.

Would you remove your heart if your father or mother died of heart disease?  Hollywood types believe they have the best surgeons and access to the best advice.  They seek quick fixes, consequently surgery and drugs have become the “standard of care” for most every health concern.

Sadly, common sense and good science rarely guides those who subscribe to a flawed medical system designed to address emergency care, acute care and infectious disease care.  This model of medicine knows little about prevention and seems to care less.

Good science is suppressed by those who are threatened by facts.  Unfortunately, Angeline may not have known there are countless doctors and scientists world-wide who could have counseled her in ways to decrease her risk of breast cancer and avoid a radical surgical procedure.

No one is talking about the risks of surgery or the high incidence of infection rates in hospitals.  We will never know the details of Miss Jolie’s hospital stay, particularly if there were problems.

Some common suggestions to decrease risks of breast cancer are:

  • Avoid the use of birth control pills
  • Avoid hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Do NOT have a hysterectomy unless cancer is present
  • Avoid anti-depressant drugs
  • Do not have abortions

Unlike natural approaches to health and healing that have stood the test of time, the modern medical model constantly reverses opinions. Consider author/surgeon Sherwin B. Nuland’s thoughts:

  • Is radical mastectomy the best treatment for breast cancer?
  • Is drinking coffee associated with an increased risk of pancreatic malignancy?
  • Should every ruptured spleen be removed?
  • Is a low-fiber diet the best treatment for chronic diverticulitis?
  • Is acid production by the stomach the key factor in peptic ulcer?
  • Should every man, or nearly all men, with prostate cancer have surgery?
  • Are most cases of impotence psychosomatic?

The answer to each of these questions was once “YES” and is now “NO.” Nuland SB. Whoops! The New York Review of Books, July 18, 2002;10-13.

Our culture is obsessed with Hollywood types.  Consumers know more about them and their dysfunctional lives than they know about social graces and manners.  Hollywood is the last place to look for answers to personal health concerns.

The best way to decrease and prevent disease is to make informed decisions.  A healthy lifestyle is good medicine.

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