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January 06, 2013 @ 05:57 PM
Happy 2013!

We live in very interesting and quickly changing times.

Healthcare is quickly becoming, and should always have been, a major focus of modern society.  Those of us whose profession is not only healthcare, but especially involvment in the current changing of the guard, are noticing some very interesting things just since the turn of the year and the now certain enactment of the in/famous 'health'care reform act.

First, there is an undeniable concern that our overall healthcare system, our health in general, and the failing economics of it all will worsen.  We agree, given what is seen under the curtain of other nationalized healthcare systems, and the most important fact that the reform act is based on more of the same 'sick'care that is so badly failing.  The current system lacks any true education or prevention, and is based solely on ever increasing costly and toxic amounts of synthetic medications and what should be acute and emergency care only surgeries.  More of the same system that has already reached its tipping point, obvious due to its absolute unsustainability, will only make matters worse, to include our health, any chance at true wellness, and its ever increasing expenses. Already, those involved in insurance are touting expected premium increases of 40-50% over the next 2 years alone.  

Second, and more optimistically, entrepreneurs are taking note.  Unfortunately, doctors have been mostly segregated into a profession of drug salesman and emergency operation technicians, no doubt important for acute care.  And despite the increasing number of physicians that are looking for the real answers to our failing health and healthcare system, we are obviously not powerful nor forward thinking enough to change its course.  Thus, business people, seeing the end drawing closer, sense opportunity, of course to make money, but also to enact change and disrupt a failing sickcare paradigm with new more naturally health based and virtually deliverable technology.  This is truly exciting for those of us on the same path.  We need help to deliver true healthcare to all those in need, and it seems help is now on its way.

Last, the powers that be ( pharma / political / insurance / sick-opoly ) are losing their grip.  Corporate profits are slipping, and their last attempts to regain control have been used.  Somewhat like the arguments that central bankers have also fired their last bullets, insurance premiums are already at record highs and ever increasing amounts of people are reducing or canceling their policies.   Medication use is fading as more are sick and tired of being chronically drugged and being offered more drugs as only answer.  And finally, the mass pharmaceutical consumer marketing movement is also on its last legs...people no longer listen to the drugs being pushed, only the ever growing list of potential side effects.  Gone are most of the amusing beer and wine ads on television.  All that is left are the advertisments of ever desperate pharma companies ( roughly one third of ads ) pushing the dangerous drugs to counteract the illnesses the fake food ( another third ) bring to us.  I suppose the last third of ads would be those endless consumerism focused sales tacticds of increasingly short lived and poorly manufactured 'stuff'.  And all of these three luring people with promises of happiness and less despair.  Like the economic issues, we can look to our neighbors in the East to see that there is an endpoint to this way of life, and the ends of these may be coming sooner.  The time for change is now.

In essence, the game is truly up, as everyone from patients, to physicians, to profiteers is looking for new answers to our health as it is now certain that healthcare reform will bring the final chorus to those fewer still sipping wine on the top deck of the sinking ship of sickcare.   The masses have left or are leaving the ship!

We are excited about 2013 and beyond.  The dates of coincidence and doom are behind us.  The powers that be have all control as planned, yet things continue to fade.  And the failure of our healthcare system is leading the way. 

As the answers become increasingly apparent and available to the masses, the tides will continue to shift in increasing speed.  We are ready for a more natural and sustainable healthcare system, and to live vibrant healthy lives once again.

The answers are here and the army is building.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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