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October 24, 2012 @ 09:57 PM

New Liposuction Reviews Regarding The Dangers of Invasive Liposuction Protocols


Believe it or not I was recently reading "Anesthesiology Today" (October 2012) and came across one of their main articles on how liposuction procedures are killing people for a variety of reasons.

Here are some articles below and I have an analysis following these links.

Spike in liposuction deaths exposes safety issues | New York City ...

A new study suggests that the liposuction isn't any safer than it was nearly 25 years ago when it was approved by the FD.

Liposuction safety questioned as patient deaths increase ...

That fast fat fix called liposuction has some experts concerned that too many untrained doctors are doing the procedure.

Deaths from liposuction-Study says surgical risks include infection ...

Among the hazards posed by liposuction, Drs. Calmes and Augustine name a few in their report. Fat emboli are a hazard.

Liposuction fatalities increasing amid safety concerns | Erie Medical ...

As more people gain weight, more become interested in losing extra pounds without dieting or a physical exercise regimen. For the past 25 years, liposuction has become a popular procedure to extract pounds. However, the ...

Fatalities reveal the hidden dangers of liposuction | Kansas City ...

Even though liposuction was approved by the FDA nearly 25 years ago, recent studies indicate that safety measures have n.

Liposuction procedures rife with medical mistakes | Pittsburgh ...

The above study points to a number of deaths attributed to liposuction procedures. In studying nine deaths in one particular major metropolitan area, none occurred where the liposuction procedure was performed in a hospital ...

As you can see these reports are from all over the country.  Trying to reduce chronic illnesses and being overweight by radical procecures is not the answer.

Erin and I found a protocol that is doctor administered, totally safe and has NO side effects...well...there are two side lose weight and detoxify your body.

Watch our videos below to see what happened to us.  Also, we are not being paid to promote this protocol.  We want to get the word out that there ARE SAFE ALTERNATIVES!

Our Video Series:

New Medicine Foundation Patient Testimonial - NMF Patients Scott & Erin Bodley - Video 1 -

Scott Bodley Testimony Phase 1 - Injection Day -

Scott's Video Testimoney Midway Point-Phase 1 -

Scott's HCG Testimony Week 2 -

Patient, Scott Bodley Starting the Detoxification-Phase 1 -

Scott's HCG Testimony Week 1 -

Scott and Erin Bodley - End of Phase 1 -

Scott and Erin Phase 2-Week 1 -

Scott and Erin Phase 2 - Week 2 -

Scott and Erin 90 Day update -

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013 1:32 AM
This is not a surprise to me.. it seems that much has to be done in order for liposuction to be safer!

Don't know.. we gathered many cases that went wrong during the last year and it seems that the stat "10-20 of 100000 liposuction surgeries can be lethal" is not an unrealistic stat :/

More info can be found here:

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