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October 01, 2012 @ 03:31 PM
As we embrace a new kind of natural and truly preventive healthcare paradigm, we must put a few widely used alternative treatments into their appropriate place in the treatment system.

Chelation is one of these treatments that, while widely used, really should be reserved for much further down the treatment timeline...if at all.

In a nutshell, chelation uses intravenous solutions of chelating agnets like DMSO, EDTA, and others to 'chelate' or bind to and remove minerals and other chemicals.  While in theory this will remove excessive and toxic elements such as heavy metals and others, in reality the process typically removes too many natural elements as well and many must be replaced.

When explained like this, chelation would appear to be excessive and somewhat dangerous in itself...which it is.

It also entails long and frequent visits to the treatment facility, at quite an expense as well.  Most chelation 'programs' involve 2-3 dozen visits that last anywhere from 1-3 hours at the cost of around $100 per session, though often doctors will engage people with package discounts.

Regardless, on average it is quite a commitment of time and money, and most importantly quite drastic in the amount of minerals and important natural elements that can be removed, and in such a way that can actually be excessive and dangerous.

The much simpler and more comprehensive way to remove unwanted elements is blood donation.   This is a very easy, cheap (FREE!), and fast way to simply remove all of the parts of the blood, both good ( for recipients ) and toxic ( for donors ) a bit at a time, and let the body and good diet restore the rest.  Excess iron and heavy metals will be removed gradually and gently, and the body is allowed to naturally restore its blood supply over 1-2 months as the next donation is planned.  It is absolutely free and a nice community service, and takes about 30'.  Most people feel very good after this is done.

Toxic elemenets like lead, mercury, and others will be removed gradually as well, and though these can be stored in deep body compartments that require more aggressive 'chelation' , cellular detoxification can be effective in removing these as well, which can be done more easily and comprehensively, and the more expensive and invasive chelation can be reserved for months later IF and only if the metal toxcity remains a problem.

Typically, as donation will continue to gently remove circulating toxic excesses, and other important areas of health are addressed (cellular detox, hormonal balance, nutritional education and restoration) the body will more effectively detox overall naturally, and the toxicities will continue to gradually be reduced as overall homeostasis is restored.

So the time and $$$ intensive chelation clinics, with rooms of people hooked up to IV treatments for hours on end, we believe can often be avoided, and the resources saved for more comprehensive natural biochemical balancing treatments.   Chelation can and should be used after a foundation is reset for health, if further work is absolutely needed.  But to use it for first line health is not appropriate, and is often a sign of a clinic not focused on comprehensive foundational health.

While there is benefit to chelation at the appropriate time, blood donation (when able) is a much easier and better way to 'cleanse' some basic excesses from the body while providing a necessary community service.

And until there is much more science to support its use, not to mention ease and cost and time effectiveness, chelation treatments should be reserved for after foundational biochemical, hormonal, and nutritional health education and treatment.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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