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December 11, 2009 @ 04:20 PM

Don't start the downward spiral of synthetic drugs and birth control pills to combat PMS.

The New Medicine truth about the cramping, bloating, mood swings, heavy clotting and bleeding, and other uncomfortable symptoms is from a very basic imbalance in the female hormones.

Our environment is LOADED with ESTROGEN, the hormone which cause a lot of these symptoms.  And other toxins in the environment cause women to be very LOW in PROGESTERONE, which is needed to help balance the body.

In this 11 year old who just started having very painful periods and horrible mood swings, the family was taught to avoid the ESTROGENS as we easily and naturally replaced the PROGESTERONE with all natural bio-identical plant based compounding and ALL OF THE SYMPTOMS RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY.

Progesterone is also needed for other important aspects of a healthy mind and body so this will help her stay healthy in other ways also.

This same imbalance is key to many other health problems being experienced today, from WEIGHT problems to DEPRESSION and even CANCER.  

And the same issues are in men except that men need TESTOSTERONE, the male equivalent to PROGESTERONE.

Learn how easy it is to be healthy naturally with the New Medicine Foundation.  Doctors can provide treatment online and around the world.  

Natural health is easy, fun, and saves you a ton of money over your life!

Dr Edward

ps.  traditional medicine would have treated this with synthetic and dangerous birth control pills (that increase risks for cancer, blood clots, etc), possible anti-depressants, and other drugs that would have only covered up symptoms as these underlying imbalances worsened. 

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