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August 31, 2012 @ 11:58 AM
The trend towards natural healthcare continue to increase, now with the majority of people spending more healthcare dollars on complimentary and alternative treatments.   However, a new and worrisome finding is that most practitioners who are trying to 'follow the trend' and practice more natural healthcare are either 1. receiving the wrong training, 2. receiving no training, or 3. in it only for the money.

We have yet to find ONE physicians group that is accurately balancing hormones in this country.  As well we have yet to find ONE physician or weight loss coaching group that is using a correct protocol with or without hcg.  And unfortunately, doctors that are in it for the right reason simply have not put the pieces of the puzzle together to enable them to deliver efficient and effective natural care.  

As a result, nearly every patient that comes to NMF for care after treatment from another physician group, to include ACAM, A4M, IFM, AAMG, BodyLogic, TS Wiley Protocol, Cenegenics, Forever Health, and others, not to mention the plethora of  typically untrained and not medically backed 'hcg Coaches' delivering a substandard product and service, are typically MORE imbalanced than they would have been had we been able to treat them initially.

This is what led us to the formation of the New Medicine Foundation.  While we had discovered bits and pieces of the healthcare solutions form various groups, and much from years of practice with ourselves and our patients, we could not find any one group that had combined the key components of restoring biochemical health, while truly detoxifying the body and educating the patient to empower them for a future of health and vitality.

It is now time for NMF to become the educational healing center it was formed to become.  We are asking for the help of our wonderful patients around the world to guide others to the high standard of care they deserve, and to share their successes and results with not only their friends, family, and loved ones, but also with their physicians as we build a team of practitioners able to deliver this care to the world.

Their is a beautiful blend of art and science to natural care, and we feel we are on the cutting edge of this at NMF.  While we will never stop learning and honing our skills, our evaluation knowledge, treatment abilities, patient communication and education, and virtual healthcare delivery systems are second to none.  We are hopeful that with your help, we can now expand our team of doctors and health coaches in order to stop the excessive hormonal, dangerous weight loss, and complete lack educational healthcare that we are seeing in increasing amounts from these other groups.  We will never, however, succumb to the wasteful excesses of mass marketing and mainstream media, and will always look to our internal referral network of our thousands of past and current patients to continue to build this much needed natural healthcare system.  This truly is the healthcare of the future, and is sustainable in every way.

We thank all of those who have regained their health and vitality with us, and now ask that you help us help others and quickly build this health group in order to save others from unnecessary, excessive, and dangerous care while even being touted as 'natural'.  Only in this way can we more quickly right the sinking health and economic ships of America.

This is the year to turn the tide of failing healthcare.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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Monday, April 15, 2013 1:47 AM
Thank you for this great article.
Thursday, September 19, 2013 3:07 AM
Hello, you explain this topic very well and your style is really unique. Good job!

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