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August 24, 2012 @ 10:16 AM
There is simply no way we can 'adjust' our current healthcare system out of its doomed future.  It is a behemoth of a ship that is already caught in the increasing flow as it nears the whirlpool abyss / waterfall / cliff.  It is not a correctable system.  As with the doomed financial system, which is now accelerating towards its demise with every additional debt dollar created that only adds to its demise instead of helping it, our sickcare system is accelerating towards its own doom with every unnecessary test, symptoms management medication, and insurance / FDA / Pharma regulation / special alliance created.  I laugh that we even waste time and resources discussing the possibility of a Medicare overhaul or the implementation of the newly proposed system...there will simply be never enough money or health created to become a sustainable system.  And as all are still based on 'sick care', as with the debt based global economic crisis, the synthetic / toxic / medication / intervention based system only continues to add to its crushing economic weight and chronic illness demise.  As so many draw correlations to, every patient treated in this manner simply pours more fuel on the fire until the patient expires in a lump of toxic degeneration called 'inevitable' chronic illness, just as more debt will result in an  ultimate implosion of our current economic ways.  

I see direct similarities in the way in which each additional sick-care short term remedy actually adds to the patients failing health.  Each drug and surgical procedure adds toxicity, neglect, and denial of the true underlying health condition.  As a result the true health of the patients declines at an accelerated rate.  Obviously this is not sustainable in regards to their health or the economics of their care.  As fractals are often described, this is true when observing one patient, a nation of patients, or our entire modern civilization and state of health of humanity.

So we must first understand this and the idea that the giant sinking ship of sickcare is simply not savable.  The entire system must go.  The crushing weight of insurance regulations, paperwork, government involvement, medicare, medicaid, the proposed healthcare reform, FDA, Pharma, etc is doomed for implosion.  The ship must be allowed to sink into the sea where it will hopefully be cleansed by the natural processes of failure.  Or perhaps it will be brought to port, broken up and sold as parts still useable for acute / emergency care needs.  The more we attempt to keep it afloat with more fuel for the engines, more pumps to try to keep the rushing waters out, and more artificial paint and decorations to make it appear as if 'all is ok and the system works, medicare and our healthcare system is the best in the world', the more dramatic and chaotic the final failure will be.  We will continue to see more illness, more economic unsustainability, more cost increases,  and more invasive, toxic or even, genetically dangerous treatments.  Again, as in the closely related economic impending doom with which healthcare is so linked and very much at cause, the end is undeniable, only the how and when is an uncertainty.

So when reading proposed solutions, though very well thought out and described, I see no reality to these chances.

The only answer, as it is with our failing economics, is that a new system must be created;  a new system from the ground up, with  new planning, blueprints, materials, propulsion, systems, and crew.  Much of the old parts of the emergency care machine are simply unable to comprehend or work within this new natural health restoring, preventive paradigm.

We have to separate out completely the acute / emergency care needs from the new prevention and natural healthcare based system.  Of course, in a perfect world the powers that be would simply recognize the need for preventive healing care.  It would be provided  for any new patient or insurance client, when first making contact with a physician or insurance agent in the old system.  But that will never happen.  Of course it would make complete sense, that investing a minimal cost in natural healthcare and patient / family education first and foremost would save exponentially in the future from the reduced need for the standard plethora of unnecessary tests, doctor visits, drug and surgical based treatments, and ultimately unsustainble chronic illness care that is what we offer today.  But that will never happen, just as true financial reform will never happen, as it is not in the best interest of the powers that be.  The elites of big pharma / government / insurance that control and benefit from the excessive profits of the system that are ultimately parasitically killing the system, and its patients will never allow it.

The new system is simple.  Upon first contact as described above, patient complaints and symptoms, again if not acute care or emergent in nature, are used as the starting point for comprehensive and holistic health evaluation.  The true causes of the patient complaints, whether obesity, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, or even a later stage chronic illness (again non-emergent) such as Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, and heart disease are discovered and set on the path for correction.  Patient and family education is a must and provided for.  True health and patient empowerment is restored.  Along with this, patient education on these issues is encouraged to be included in other forms of education, from primary schools to high end collegiate degrees (much deeper and separate issues).  The costs for this initial care are minimal, and always much less than the first 'real' ER visit need from a patient in the sickcare system.  And within this cost health can nearly always be restored and future illness prevented.  In reality 'always' may mean more than half of the time, though within our practice we see standardly a 75-90% improvement within a year and very reasonable treatment cost maximum for our patients, and even those very far from true health with decades of chronic illness management.  The treatment time is 3 months for an 'average' first time patient, at an expense of $2-4000 overall and inclusive.  All patients say this cost is immediately recovered in reduced costs of living, healthcare, insurance, and other.  Sustainable low cost living is a side effect of real health.

The care is already available and affordable.   A new 'insurance' system based on this care can be created, and is already being provided for by a few forward thinking physicians.  Once initial health is restored for a minimal investment, a watchful eye is kept on the patient with standard testing and follow up preventatively for a minimal cost, say $100 monthly instead of the much more expensive 'wait to get sick and have expensive life saving care' insurance costs, that are escalating rapidly and covering less emergency care ever year, in the name of the ever present corporate profits.  That 'catastrophic' insurance can and should still be encouraged, but at a much lower overall cost and premium as there is a greatly reduced chance of ever getting a life threatening chronic illness, though emergency's and accidents will always happen and should be insured against.

As a result of this many sustainable things happen, that physicians who already practice this way see on a daily basis:

1. True health is restored, and quickly.  Most common healthcare symptoms and chronic illnesses reverse and / or are prevented.

2. The education of experience of natural healing is very contagious, and friends and family become interested.  Children benefit most with a solid foundation of health understanding and sustainable living practices.

3. Consumption in all ways is greatly reduced.  Drug use, both street and medicinal, is nearly eradicated or at least tempered.  Fake food consumption is greatly reduced.  Unnecessary physician, ER, and medical testing is greatly reduced.  

4. The economics of real health are immediately recognized by the patient and their network.  Nearly all become aware of the unsustainability of their old ways.

5. GDP is reduced while savings is increased....and is the major reason why this system is not embraced as it is the true solution to most of our current global economic and even geo-political issues.  Humanity, health, and a shared symbiotic life experience is restored.

I believe the solution to most of our problems during this time of transformation begin with a return to natural / sustainable health.  Currently a growing majority are seeking these answers, yet a major problem remaining is a lack of collaboration among healthcare providers.  Chiropractors only adjust, nutritionists only provide dietary guidelines, medical doctors only prescribe, and yet all still typically suffer from some form of somewhat delayed chronic illness, as they remain toxic and imbalanced, and without the other modalities and life balancing needs they may need aside from their own speciality.  A collaborative system is needed, built on  foundation of strong investigative science but embracing natural health balancing methods and of all modalities, those both ancient and modern.  Currently our increasing toxicity and biochemical imbalance issues are of great concern, and should be the focus of the current 'mainstream' physicians, while reserving drug and surgery based care for emergency / acute care, and all the while embracing other health practitioners to apply their modalities as appropriate.  As often well described by a fellow spiritual and emotional healer, we need all four tires balanced to drive straight:  biochemical, spiritual, emotional, and electro-structural.

With a return to natural sustainable health and thus a way of life, true human nature returns and along with it, a reduced need for greed, corruption, and a drive to fill the void of 'lack' that poor health creates.  This has an impact on geopolitical union and symbiosis among cultures.  With natural health and balance comes freedom, creativity, and an inner peace that restores human compassion and happiness, instead of strife and conflict.  The need to 'conquer and control' is diminished, as the desire to live and thrive is created.

It is possible and already at work among a few, however when it will be adopted as key to our way of life is anyones guess.  Most likely as with all things, we won't change until we reach the brink...which is fast approaching in many ways.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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