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June 11, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Patient Testimonial - Day Three

Hi there.  Day Three's Results.

Today was the first day on the new diet & detox program.  WOW!

The first 2 days of gorging I went from 191 pounds to 194 pounds.  After today's weigh in...188 pounds!  Most was water loss and I did spend some time in the "reading room".

Overall however, the day went pretty much as planned.  I know I was going to be a little edgy as I have to retrain my body regarding food.  My brain kicked almost immediately when I got a hunger pang.

My body immediately started to go to the "food area" and I said "Not Today".  It is going to be a game of mind over the body's so-called "wants".

Erin & I both know that we didn't pollute our body overnight with processed and bad foods...ergo we will not detox overnight and there will be physical issues.

We are taking the long term approach on this and we are being total cheerleaders for each other in getting through our "body retraining".  The hunger pangs will subside.

The detox part I can feel the body throwing off toxins internally as well as through my pores.  Looks like I will take a lot of showers!  It feels like I have a waxy or oily layer to my skin.  I have done other detox programs and I remember this feeling.

Erin starts her new diet tomorrow.  Here starting weight is about 125 pounds.  She put on about 20-25 pounds after she met me...remember I cook and bake...former sous chef and currently a part-time chef...LOLOL.  All my recipes will change too!

We both know that she will be a little edgy tomorrow so that is something to look forward too...yay!

Well, off for a small bike ride to adjust the body some more.  As far as an exercise program consider doing small things depending on your starting shape.

Erin will be doing a very easy it is.  Day one: 10 sit ups, 10 push ups and 10 weights.  The next day she will add one more to the workout.  That's it!  We will be taking walks but that will be it. 

We are not going to do any overkill.  We are going to let our bodies determine how much we can do.  We will keep you posted here as well.

Here is the video accompanying this blog: Scott & Erin's Day 3 Video .

Previous Client Testimonial

Today is day one of my detoxification and diet testimonials regarding the Hcg protocol.

I watched the video on self administration (HCG Injections from The New Medicine Foundation
Video:  Self Administration of Injections ) and followed it to the letter and everything went as planned.

I shall be doing blogs and videos more frequently as I progress through the protocol.  My start date is a few days ahead of Erin's as we are implementing the procedure around our work schedules.  Erin will start on Monday, June 11, 2012.

My challenge is going to be that I work part-time as a chef at Mediterranean restaurant (Shevek & Co. Restaurant )

Testimonials From Other Patients

When Erin & I are done with our protocol we will post our pictures and videos here:  New Medicine Foundation Patient Testimonials

Talk soon, Scott & Erin
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Monday, June 11, 2012 10:20 AM
Patient Testimonial - Day Four of Scott

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