Chronic Illness

About New Medicine Foundation

The New Medicine Foundation (NMF) was created to provide natural and efficient health solutions backed by evidence-based scientific data and medical research.  In a world plagued increasingly by epidemics of chronic adult and childhood diseases, NMF strives to fill gaps in the natural information being sought by growing numbers of patients and physicians. And while many other organizations exist that are providing new and natural information, no standards have been created and sufficient, real-world solutions are not efficiently provided.  This is a call to action.

NMF, with our new medical foundation research, will teach a new awareness beginning with the confrontation of scientific evidence documenting the inability of traditional medicine to efficiently preserve and effectively sustain human life. Standard healthcare methods focus on expediency, and illness is often dealt with using synthetic solutions and invasive surgery.

Through proper medical research, investigation, guidance, and education, optimal health can happen naturally in most situations. The human body has evolved to sustain itself and its life force, not to increasingly degenerate and develop illness as is now most commonly seen.  NMF will educate future practitioners and medical researchers in how to better identify the true causes of symptoms, disease and healthcare problems.

New Medicine Foundation exists to address the epidemic of chronic illness and to improve health naturally.

Using Evidenced Based Scientific Data in Future Medical Research Studies

The Solution: New Medicine

The physician of tomorrow (and today) will learn to view most unnatural symptoms as signs of toxicity and the resulting imbalances that must be identified and corrected.  NMF teaches physicians to think in terms of balanced body systems instead of smaller and smaller diagnostic boxes.  By looking at health markers even without symptoms, and with current technology, most illnesses can be prevented years, even decades before some of the most common diagnostic symptoms arise.

And most of the time this can be done organically without the use of ever increasing amounts of synthetic chemicals and invasive procedures.

With specific focus on organic detoxification, hormonal regulation and proper nutritional balance, NMF physicians learn to take people through a healing process as their bodies' imbalances are corrected.  As symptom controlling medications can be discarded the body's normal functioning and feeling improves and the cycle then repeats more efficiently.

The New Medical Foundation: The New Medicine Foundation.  Come learn and live a totally organic lifestyle that will change you and the world.

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